Design is: making ideas

And making them work


Design is: building stuff

And making things work


Design is: creating meaning

And making brands work


Design is: planning spaces

And making business work


Design is: making tools

And making information work


Integrated Design

Creating unified brand experiences across every customer interface

Ether Talk

Ether Talk
March 12, 2019

Emotional Connect

A designer is a person who creates the link between the consumer and the product: it is his job to translate the language of art into the language of commerce…
Ether Talk
September 14, 2018

All That Glitters

Design of luxury goods is getting some new dimensions; the geographical, the technological and the ecological Swiss designer Yves Behar once said, ‘Designers have a responsibility to show the future…
Mahatma Gandhi spinning with a charkha Ether Talk
September 13, 2018

Manifesto for Design

If the design community is included at the highest level of decision-making, we can usher in a revolutionary way of making things happen in this country. In his September 2013…