Design is: making ideas

And making them work


Design is: building stuff

And making things work


Design is: creating meaning

And making brands work


Design is: planning spaces

And making business work


Design is: making tools

And making information work


Integrated Design

Creating unified brand experiences across every customer interface

Ether Talk

Top view of the Mercedes ‘Aesthetic 125’ sculpture Ether Talk
June 25, 2019

Free Flow

When advanced technology meets Mother Nature, nature provides the inspiration for design and technology provides the means to realise the design. The products that result from this collaboration are fundamentally…
Alessi Mediterrano Fruit basket and salad set Ether Talk
June 10, 2019

Design Factory

What is it that makes Italy such a powerhouse of design? Did it start with the Italian renaissance or was it the 20th century greats who gave it the respect…
Metro coach interiors Ether Talk
May 9, 2019

Life in a Metro

If you contrast it against a regular passenger train you will realize what a design feat the metro coach is. It is the result of an extremely demanding functional requirement…