We believe in the culture of design, a mindset for doing things in a beautiful and meaningful way


We look at ourselves as people who can create a culture of innovation, a culture that does not tolerate compromises, a culture that inspires others to make things nice, sensible and interesting. Always trying to be extraordinary. Never ever frivolous.

Nice, sensible and honest! Striving to be extraordinary. Never ever frivolous.

There is no separation of ideas and execution, theoretical and practical: it’s all one package called Design


All of us in the team have been makers and builders. Bridging advertising and mass production, photography and mechanical engineering, art and science is what we do, everyday.

Without craftsmanship, there is no design, no innovation, no customer experience, no brand. Nothing.

We are multidisciplinary

We involve everyone, irrespective of their academic background and the work they do in the studio to put together things while we make new stuff. It is this collaboration that produces a certain richness of our offering.


We have a nose for how things work in the market, what people would like and what they won’t. Our interdisciplinary work makes us one of the best teams in the business of design.

The Ether approach to design


Focus on the user and market insights to absorb complex interaction scenarios through extensive research and develop context.


Look at all the possibilities in the realm of design intervention. Take a broader look at the use and business scenario.


Identify significant issues which impact the final design and come up with distinct design directions that will allow a relevant choice.


Evaluate all the concepts at the time of presentation for creative content, appropriateness and other related facets of the context.


Execute the selected direction and deliver the project in its entirety. Handover the knowhow details through close supervision.

What most people fail to understand is that innovation is a culture, not a process. You can follow all the steps clinically and may land up with something extremely ordinary. We don’t think there is an algorithm for design.


However, there are these key milestones that need to be crossed to make the journey a bit mode predictable. We have our own version that is comprehensive.


Apart from that, we also have a strong nonsense detector. It always makes sure we deliver consistently high on quality!

The magic of design is in its people, not in the process

The final product of a creative endeavour is shaped by subjective realities of all stakeholders