A young & passionate activewear brand with small marketing budgets and a fantastic story to tell

What can Design offer to brands that are challenging the establishment; multinational giants with deep pockets and celebrity endorsements? As it turns out in this case, almost everything.

2Go is a new entrant to the growing activewear market in India. The Brand was founded on the belief that activewear should free you to do what you want, move the way you want and help you look great while doing it at a price point that is affordable.

With this entry level proposition and less spends on advertising, 2Go approached us to create brand language that is strong and real. The primary delivery vehicle for this was the website and digital marketing.

We designed a dark theme and a language for photography that could be owned. This was followed up by a detailed e-commerce piece that was super convenient and user friendly and a store in large e-commerce websites. A complete responsive experience was delivered.

2Go is adding new product categories every year and has grown strength to strength.