A platform for one looking to upskill

An online learning platform with expert mentors teaching cutting edge courses

Acadgild screens on devices

Brand & Communication

The brand was to unequivocally represent the intensive learning platform that Acadgild offered. The logo has an institutional feel to it owing to the use of bold colors and typography. The supporting imagery suggested is that of self-motivated individuals striving to create their own path.

Brand website and UX for Web App

A responsive application to manage a students course material and progress after enrollment. Heavy duty flows were simplified and the course experience was enhanced by intuitive interactions and presentation of information.

Brand Design

Combining the intensity of classroom training with the convenience of online learning, Acadgild offers cutting edge courses and certification.

Acadgild relies on tutoring by expert mentors, supported by counselors, an active community and 24×7 live coding support.

Web Application