An edgy and youthful persona for a traditional category

Helping the online jewellery leader communicate their true spirit

The online jewellery market in India is still nascent. High value jewellery is still bought through family jewellers. The relationships go back generations. The concept of a very young brand selling jewellery online is a deal breaker in the category.

Bluestone has been able to build great brand equity without falling into the trap of looking like cheaper and fast moving fashion jewellery. It has also been able to exude a certain youthful appeal to the progressive.

Introducing imagery that celebrates the spirit of the brand was the most important piece in the brand thought. Bluestone’s web experience was designed in close collaboration with their programming team to optimise responsiveness and speed. New ideas like trials at home, selections based on face shape and look books were designed to flesh out an editorial take on the jewellery.

Bluestone Store Design