A new packaging format that multiplied sales

Helping Cafe Coffee Day, India’s largest cafe chain boost sales of co-branded merchandise

Cafe Coffee Day is India’s largest chain of cafes. They keep a lot of interesting co-branded merchandise on their mini retail racks. However, the co-branded merchadise doesn’t fly off quickly from the stores.

In order to boost sales, gifting was thought to be a very good idea whereby customers can pick up two or three things and make it into sizeable gifts that could be packed in a nice hamper. This was hoped to be a great tool for institutional gifting too.

We came up with an interesting form factor that looked festive for all seasons, could be made very cost effectively and could be assembled at the cafes without any training and stored flat.

The hamper remain in production till date. We have manufactured over half a million of these units ourselves apart from our associate vendor production volumes. An ecosystem of cottage industries evolved around our office with many women workers engaging into the production as a full time activity.

The hamper has been widely copied by many gifting agencies and remains a very popular format for Cafe Coffee Day till date.