Growing a popular ice cream brand through a simple but powerful marketing campaign

Three simple words that describe the act of eating ice creams; Lick, Chew and Bite became the biggest buzz in the ice cream market in a tactical seasonal campaign.

India’s Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert industry stands at Rs. 11700 Crore (USD 1.7 Billion) in annual sales. At a mere per capita consumption of 0.25 litres, it is growing at a double digit annual rate, the fastest in the world. About 50 percent market share is with the top 10 brands of the country and a rest is still with regional and family run brands.

With increasingly evolving tastes, world class manufacturing facilities and innovative products, regional players have a capacity to play the big game.

Dairy Day Ice Creams is a strong player in the Karnataka Tamilnadu region. They have good reach through a network of small shops and dealers.

Dairy Day wanted to create a memorable message for their first large scale summer campaign. We took three new flavours; namely, Crust, Paan and Ice Cream Sandwich and came up with an engaging campaign that included a radio ad, outdoors and a TV commercial. A packaging design exercise for select flavours was completed along with the campaign.

Our Dairy Day campaign has helped create great brand awareness, especially amongst new urban customers in the target markets.

The real success of the Dairy Day campaign was the fact that all the creatives, outdoor, TV and radio were kept consistent and
a simple message was hammered in.