A quirky Brand for India’s top hotel room aggregator

How does one evolve an endearing personality for a premium brand that is modern and youthful and has less control over the infrastructure

India’s budget hotel market size is estimated at about $20 billion. The online penetration remains a sub 10 percent. However it is expected to grow rapidly as the uniformity of service experience and the convenience of online adds up. As opposed to buying partial inventory in established hotels and selling at a discount, FabHotels believes in partnering with small hotels. Connecting these hotels to a larger audience online, ensuring a great customer service and a good revenue per room per year for the hotelier are the important factors behind their big business idea.

Fab offered an interesting design challenge along with a great opportunity to influence consumer experience through visual design. We developed a very clean and rich identity that suits a premium hotelier who has primarily online presence along with extensions that are bold and immediately recognizable.

The outcome was a brand personality that is premium and has a potential to override the non-uniformity of infrastructure – a major challenge for online aggregators.

The f monogram is versatile and is used with different images based on the context

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