Creating brand experience for a category that hard sells on rational benefits

Warm and happy persona for the used car business of Mahindra First Choice Wheels

Mahindra First Choice is India’s largest multibrand certified used car company. As the used car market in India is rapidly growing, Mahindra, the market leader wanted to create a brand experience that is consistent across all the user touch points.

The category has been traditionally selling on rational benefits. The market is dominated by local players and there is always a fear of middlemen, paperwork, warranties and the trust with a brand is missing.

We looked deeper into how the company can be catapulted into a people friendly unit with end to end consistency of the new brand proposition. We came up with a new ‘warm and happy’ brand experience using personas that articulated brand benefits in a language that connects with the end consumer instantly. Warmer yellows completed the look.

The logo was re-adjusted to give a different hue of yellow that occupied larger real estate. This was to shift from a ‘classifieds’ look to a ‘warm and happy’ look for the brand
Secondary colour palette was introduced to create a richer and more complex identity. The usage of secondary colours was kept minimal and the ratio was clearly stated

Brand Mahindra First Choice stands for celebrating individual stories. It strives to demonstrate an individual achievement, a unique story, through all its communication. These individual stories are told in a way that is youthful, energetic and the characters bring about the brand benefits through language that is everyday and direct.

Sweeti is happy that she can make her money work hard for all that she desires. “Exchange Bonus eye popping, Sweetie doing full shopping”.
Gurmeet gets the biggest bang for his buck. “Gurmeetji likes peg Patiala size. Bigger car ka decision was wise”.
Ramalingam is now worry free. Trust and assurance is all that he wants. “Brokeram Bhayam, Coldum Feverum. No sankatam, be happy Ramalingam”.
Vijaykumar means business. Clean paperwork is a must.”Vijaykumar wanting paperwork first. Selling or buying, clarity is a must”.
Rahul and Pooja are progressive. “Rahul and Pooja’s budget so tight. Two car deal was pure delight”.
Vicky is an enthusiast. Graduates to serious stuff with a small pocket size. “Vicky done with the old hatch. Three box sedan was a nice catch”.
Magazine ads were released in leading auto journals
A balance of complete information without losing the flavour
Web banners
Floor mat for the serviced cars
Waiting area accessories
A photo shoot at the delivery area