A portable ECG unit that is turning out to be a lifesaver

How did we help an East meets West start-up from Goa rethink the idea of ECG equipment

Kallows Engineering is an emerging player in the mobile health technology space. Kallows wanted to solve a very challenging problem. How do you make ECG easy to record, reduce costs of diagnostics and make expertise available remotely in a geography like India?

Our collaboration with the Kallows engineering team resulted in a highly optimised functional design of the product architecture, making it a quiet and familiar device that works in the background.

The device has a rechargeable battery that charges through a micro USB port. It connects to most Android devices through an app. The app enables the users and caregivers to instantly read anomalies and connect up to the cardiologist. Batch production and tooling of this device is now finished. The award winning product has got appreciation from well established medical institutions like Narayana Hridayalaya, Bangalore.

Mobmon is simple to assemble, quick to service and accommodates two different types of batteries. This was all achieved through a very cost effective mould with hacks that could provide for uncertainties of the hardware.
Mobmon is now available for use at home, for fitness training and in mobile healthcare centres. Its flexibility and low cost certainly turning out to be a huge advantage.