A warm brand identity for India’s leading online pharmacy

With a good dose of regulatory relaxation, the ever exploding e-commerce in India has got new happening sector in the form of online medicine delivery. The current online pharmacy market size of $18 Billion is slated to become $55 Billion by 2020. The competitors are fighting it out for their share of the pie.

Medlife is an emerging player in this sector with a strong background in medicine manufacturing. They wanted to approach the market with a distinct brand language and some great advertising. We were called in to look at the complete marketplace and competition and suggest a comprehensive identity system that will be useful in online as well as offline activities.

With an energetic orange tone and a human form made out of medicine shapes, we gave a scheme that had immediate likability. The human form could be animated and made into patterns that went across outdoors and packaging.

The result was an exciting brand thought on ground and some catchy TV commercials.