Reinventing a ‘wonderful’ brand in a fast growing babywear category needed a ‘wonder filled’ mindset

FS Babywear has traditionally been a garment manufacturer supplying finished garments in the babywear category. They have been a trusted supplier to some of the top brands in the US and Europe. With a market size of 8.3 Billion USD contributing to almost a 20 percent share of the total readymade garments market in India, babywear is a very attractive category. This share is slated to increase to almost 25 percent in the coming few years.
FS Babywear had been present in the domestic babywear market under the brand Miniklub primarily through multibrand stores, online as well as offline. With a big potential to grow here, they decided to reinvent the brand and create a consistent and appealing brand story.
We tweaked their logo and created a playful language for the brand with a great sense of styling and imagery to establish them as a credible large scale group. We created an all new website and retail experience. Miniklub is now rapidly expanding their reach through their unique offerings and technologically advanced fabric and manufacturing techniques.
The branding exercise has helped them articulate a new vision for growth and a consistent persona across all touch points.