Brand Identity for a fast growing tech services company

Transformation for Pierian Services; a Finance and Accounting tech services company into a premium consulting brand

Pierian Services started as a small Finance and Accounting consulting company with marquee start up clientele which saw meteoric rise in the boom years of e-commerce in India. Pierian had been helping them through their growth also witnessing big growth themselves.

On the way to success, Pierian had added many areas of work to their business like Business Consulting, Cloud and Analytics and Digital while also keeping the core area of Global Business Services in Focus.

We engaged with Pierian to establish an identity that was their true story, a humble but strong client service foundation with a sharp technology edge. We brought it out by shortening their name, positioning their services in easily understandable bouquets and giving them distinct colour and type labelling that was a category first.

Pierian’s ‘Simplify. Accelerate. Grow’ methodology also brought out their true purpose and made it immediately appealing to their typical clientele.

A completely responsive website summed it all up with white papers, case studies and position all in a perfect package.

Pierian Website was built with a focus on case studies that covered the entire suite of services and sets of three pronged data nuggets: a global insight, how Pierian sees it and how Pierian has already brought about that change in an organisation. The clients get the picture in a quick glance.

Pierian Digital is the tech group within the company that wanted a separate identity and concentrate on digital, cloud and analytics business. The Pierian Blue brand was created for the tech led transformation that Pierian is now banking on.