Designing great products and experiences at the Smartron Design Studio

Makarand from our team is also part of the Smartron Design Studio and has a strategic role in the Product Design and Engineering functions.

The Smartron founding vision is an audacious one. Smartron wants to be the first Indian multinational company in the area of consumer electronics with a strong focus on IoT devices. They have been developing the tronX platform that integrates the complete digital life of the user into a single rich experience. Ether has been part of the early team of Smartron in their brand positioning, styling, product strategy, conceptualization and engineering.

Makarand and the Ether team have been at the forefront of all the creative work at Smartron be it brand identity, digital marketing, web experience, user experience or product design, development and engineering.

Smartron’s ongoing work has been well appreciated across India after the launch of the first two products, the tbook and the tphone. We are closely involved in all the new product development of Smartron products and experiences on an ongoing basis

Product Strategy

Smartron is a young brand with a strong individualistic flavour that is brought in through exciting hi-tech finishes, strong colours and use of rich materials and processes. The brand strives to consistently deliver this through a wide portfolio.


Enormous amount of craftsmanship goes into making every Smartron product. An iterative prototyping phase is followed up by an expert team of mechanical engineers at Smartron Studio doing justice to the dream that the designers put forward.


A detailed story of Smartron products, their development and their promise is woven through a detailed web experience that is as clean and as well organised as the products themselves. The Smartron tstore and tronX are emerging as game changers.

Product Design and Engineering

Web Experience Design