Design directions for the luxury watch brand Nebula

How to make an exquisite packaging for a watch that derives inspiration from Indian palace architecture

Nebula is an exclusive collection of 18k-22k solid gold watches from Titan. Nebula is positioned as a brand that celebrates the fine art of Indian jewellery making and the craft of watchmaking blended together.

In honour of the heritage Rambagh Palace of Jaipur, Titan launched the King and the Queen watch inspired by the intricate detail and novel geometries of the palace architecture. These watches needed packaging that was equally unique.

We brainstormed with the Titan Nebula brand team and came with a look and feel for the packaging. The pictures here are proposed directions for the package. Due to the very short time to the launch, the costs and the rigour involved in manufacturing detailing, these unique directions had to be unfortunately dropped. The visuals still remain a case of how packaging can bring about a stunning first level experience for a luxury heritage product.